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Full Relace (Catcher/First Base)

Full Relace (Catcher/First Base)

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Full relace from CV Glove Works includes premium leather laces from U.S. tannerys. 

Select your color of lace and whether you will be dropping off your glove locally (in the Coachella Valley) or if you will require return shipping using USPS Priority Mail (+$25.00). 

Full relace service includes: Thumb & Pinky, Binding, Palm, Heel, Wrist, Web, and Web Loop. Cleaning and conditioning is FREE with this package! ($35 value)

Do you have an Infield or Outfield Glove? Click here. 

Local pickup means that you will drop-off and pick-up your glove at our Desert Slugger's Facility location in Indio, CA. You will receive further instructions via email after your purchase.

If you are shipping your glove, you the customer will be responsible for shipping the glove to CV Glove Works. The $25 shipping cost covers the return shipping and packaging. 

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